Sensual massage for lovers

Sensual Massage at your finger tips. Clear explicit visuals to follow. A tantric style massage that is erotic and sexy . You will become a master at bodywork that makes your lover go wild! ORGASMIC HEART SCHOOL ~

Hello to you all Thanks for coming to Orgasmic Heart. Remember to subscribe ️ ~ turn on notifications ~ we will be sharing videos weekly and monthly! We have 3 videos coming out about Breast Massage ‍️ techniques !


It’s a cure for porn addiction and a sexual healing act. I recommend everyone to at least go to the site and explore the free content we have there!

What is the Orgasmic Touch Online Course about?

Specifically, it’s a hands-on practical erotic/tantric massage that you follow along. Play the videos and follow my lead as you give the massage to your lover. I did my best to speak in details of what I am doing and why, so you understand the process of Orgasmic Touch. There are also videos that go into the mental and emotional states needed in order to evoke these orgasmic feelings. The course is designed so that anyone can overnight get going into the practices of learning how to enhance their ability to give and receive pleasure.

When I first started on this journey that’s exactly what I did. I put the video on and did exactly what the teacher did in the video while expanding her pleasure. And my lover did not mind at all! Each time we did it, she was very intrigued by this and enjoyed it immensely.

Dive in and enjoy.

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