Sensual Tantric Massage, Woman to Woman

A sweet little intro into Tantric Massage, woman to woman. Tantric massage is a beautifully sensual and connected practice to restore health, happiness and love for one another through tending to the body and encouraging the sexual life force energy to flow unimpeded throughout body and heart. As one helps the other to open through massage and guided breath work, the receiver surrenders into the flow of the practice and allows all feelings and sensations to arise and be felt. It’s a deep spiritual practice designed to bring light and ecstasy to body, heart, mind and soul.


Charlotte provides sessions in Tantra, Therapeutic Massage, Yoga Teaching and Sound Healing in Sydney, Australia. With Tantra as her main focus, she offers sensual and spiritual massage designed to evoke complete ecstasy as well as coaching to share her path to the art of intimacy.

Establishing Unity From Within.
Tantrika & Vocalist


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