DENISA ŘÍHA PALEČKOVÁ – Holistic Sensual Massage and Its Benefits

This type of massage is not only about our body but also about soul and mind. It can help transform many areas of life and enriche it on many levels. You will teach how to touch mans and womans body in the best way. Men can learn how to keep energy while having an orgasm and not to ejaculate. Woman can get deeply connected with their genital area and listen to their bodies and relax it. You can also get a holistic sensual massage for couples and share special moments together.

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Denisa is a love and intimacy expert who brings a totally new approach to the topic of sensuality. She’s on a mission to dissolve taboos around sex and empower couples to enjoy more passionate and fulfilling relationships. Her fresh, down-to-earth approach to intimacy and sensuality helps people experience more happiness and meaning in their lives – by transforming their relationship with their bodies and their partners.

Apart from holding regular workshops, Denisa now offers courses online in English and in Czech. Since 2002, she has helped many thousands of people unlock their passions , reach a deeper level of intimacy with their romantic partners, and find their way to a more joyful and fulfilling life.

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