Durex Play Sensual Massage Gel – Explained

Durex Play Sensual 2in1 Massage Gel with Ylang Extract
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Durex is known worldwide for its quality sexual wellness products. In addition to its wide range of condoms, lubricants and gels, Durex has recently introduced ‘Play Massage 2-in-1 Sensual Lubricant Gel with Ylang Extract’. This 2-in-1 massage and lubricant comes with seductive Ylang Extract, which is made from the flowers of Canaga Odorate Genuina. Ylang is known to its skin nourishment, anti-bacterial and medicinal properties. It is known to reduce blood pressure and enhance sexual desire. Medicines made using Ylang extract is generally prescribed for men and women who have lost interest in sex due to workload, professional stress, depression and loss of libido.
The 2-in-1 extract is made to allow couples enjoy a fresh breath of sexual energy and add spice to their otherwise monotonous sexual life. The lubricant gel is a blessing in disguise for couples who are looking to experiment and enjoy adventurous sex. The massage and lubricant gel can be used during foreplay and can be applied all over the body as it is a skin-friendly formulation. The gel is sugar free that it is harmless when he or she accidently consumes a bit of the gel during the passionate oral indulgence. The gel works perfectly as a lubricant allowing couples to enjoy an ultra smooth skinny dipping experience. She won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the love making as the gel can work as an amazing lubricant allowing you to enjoy a friction-less penetration. If your sex life is on a bumpy ride, this gel can be the perfect choice to steer it along the smooth highway. For couples who want to experiment and take on an adventurous erotica under the sheet, then Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Sensual Lubricant Gel with Ylang Extract helps them enjoy a fulfilling sex and an exploding orgasm.
Salient Features
Unique Formulation – The gel is specially formulated to provide soft, smooth and silky arousal massage
Enhanced Sensation – It feels ultra smooth and thus makes love making an amazing experience. It leads to increased arousal leading to explosive orgasm.
Skin Friendly Formulation – It is proven to be gentle on your skin
Water Soluble – This gel can be washed off easily using normal water after your love making.
Eases Vaginal Dryness – The paves way for exotic and adventurous sexual experience.
Goes with condoms and sex toys – For enhanced pleasure and protection, the gel can be applied over a condom or sex toy.
Non-staining – Made using non-staining formulation, the gel can be washed off using normal detergent when it accidentally falls over your bed linen, clothes or lingerie during the thick of your actions.
Sugar free – Made using sugar-free formulation, the 2-in-1 massage and lubricant gel is ideal for an extended oral session.
Where to buy?
You can order ‘Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Sensual Lubricant Gel with Ylang Extract’ online at www.condombazaar.com and get it delivered in a discreet pack at your desired location. Order it now and make yourself ready for a highly sensual love making tonight.


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