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Do you ever give your wife or girlfriend a massage? Do you know why women love massages so much? And are you aware of the power that a massage can have in turning your partner on and creating a great sex session?

Regarding why women love massages, if you’ve ever had a massage yourself then you would know that if done right, they feel amazing. But this is not the main reason that women love massages.

The main reason is much deeper than you may think, and I’m not referring to deep tissue massaging. What I mean by deeper is that as men, we often tend to be guilty of making our female partners feel that we are only interested in having sex with them, and if sex is taken off the menu, we are not always as interested to just spend quality, non-sexual time with them.

Whilst she will love the feeling of having her body massaged, it’s actually her mind, emotions and heart that you are really massaging. Women are very aware that we are keen, willing and able to just rip their clothes off, and furiously move through the stages of foreplay into sex in a wham bam thank you mam style.

So surprise and excite her by slowing things down and pay attention to areas other than her sexual hotspots, and prove to her that your intention is to put her feelings and enjoyment first. This will increase her emotional connection to you, and increase the likelihood that she will be interested in making love to you.

There are always times and occasions for a passionate and fast sex session. But for the better part, women want to make love, they don’t want to have sex. And making love involves more of her head and her heart than her vagina and your penis, so crack your fingers and get out the massage oil.


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