Germany: Berlin brothels reopen with full service and “hygiene concept” after months of closure

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Berlin’s brothels were finally allowed to reopen with full service after months of coronavirus-induced closure.

On Tuesday, Aurel Johannes Marx, the owner of ‘Candyshop’ brothel in Berlin, said that lots of women have gone illegal or moved to the private sector and many clients have followed them over the last months.

“When such a process takes months to establish, they won’t come back to the brothels within a few days. It will take until Christmas until all clients will get used to the brothels again and won’t look for women in some apartments or other grey areas,” he explained.

Sex work in Berlin has been completely banned since mid-March as part of efforts to halt the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. At the beginning of August, brothels were allowed to reopen their doors but with strict restrictions meaning clients were only able to get massages.

“It was a great injustice that everyone was favoured and we were the last: cosmetic studios were allowed to reopen, hairdressers were allowed to reopen,” said Ilona, the housekeeper at ‘Candyshop’ brother.

She added, “That is a contact business. And we were not allowed [to reopen]. Where was the difference? I don’t see a difference.”

Aurel Johannes Marx continued by saying that the reopening is taking place with a “hygiene concept.”

“It’s only allowed to have a one-to-one contact, sex can only be done wearing a mask, you cannot offer close-to-face practices, the clients will only be allowed inside one by one,” he explained.

The brothel owner also commented on the app he has been working on to optimise his business. After he saw that many bar owners across Berlin use special online cash systems from any location, he started thinking on implementing something similar for his brothel.

“My app is an automated room occupancy system, where I, as the owner, can see what is going on in my whorehouse,” Aurel Johannes Marx said.

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