How to MASSAGE a Woman (10 SENSUAL Steps)

Now that you know how to massage a woman, you just need the skills to touch her, seduce her, and undress her:

Of course, massage techniques are not the only things you need when you want to attract beautiful women. You also need the confidence to approach them, the right openers to get them hooked, and the flirting skills to make her want to get massaged by you.

You can learn these things from yours truly:

If you want to learn how to massage a girl, you have to understand the conditions under which women want you to work on their bodies.

You have to create an atmosphere for her that is relaxing, sensual, and that gives her the feeling that she can trust you.

The best way to initiate the body massage is by focusing on how receptive she is when you touch her. If she smiles, if she makes it easy for you, then you can start with the massage experience.

You start by massaging her neck and the more you have the feeling that she enjoys it, the more you can touch her and the easier it will be for you to kiss her.

First, you kiss her body and then eventually you take her clothes off.

Discover all the steps you need to take in between in this video about how to massage a woman…


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