Human Trafficking Brothels PSA


Clearwater, Fla. — The Clearwater Police Department, the Clearwater/Tampa Bay Area Task Force on Human Trafficking, St. Petersburg College and their partners have released a 15-second, two 30-second and 60-second public service announcements, in an effort to continue to increase public awareness about human trafficking. They are presented in both English and Spanish.

The theme of the public awareness campaign is Learn, Look and Report. Many people are in disbelief that human trafficking is present in the Tampa Bay Area. If you dont know what to look for, you wont see it. Law enforcement needs the publics help because victims dont self-report. They are usually in fear for their lives or the lives of their loved ones, said Clearwater Police Lieutenant George Koder, who heads the Clearwater/Tampa Bay Area Task Force on Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking is the exploitation by force, fraud or coercion of vulnerable people – often immigrants for forced labor, domestic servitude or commercial sex operations. Human trafficking is a nine billion dollar a year industry. Florida is one of the top three destination states for women and children trafficked into this country. To learn more about human trafficking, visit or

This project is funded by federal grants from the Bureau of Justice Assistance and St. Petersburg College.

Partners: Clearwater Police Department, Clearwater/Tampa Bay Area Task Force on Human Trafficking, Hispanic Outreach Center, St. Petersburg College, World Relief, Gulfcoast Legal Services and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.


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