Not Every Massage Should End With Sex

95% of couples say they use massage for sex – the other 5% are lying… also 78% of all statistics are made up.

Please note: this video contains no nudity or sex – it’s a guide for couples who find that their massage at home always ends with sex, and the same-same is getting boring. This might help.

Please note: I don’t teach tantra or sexual massage. My style is combining massage technqiues that I use in the clinic adapted for home. Melt is clean, our clothes stay on, there’s no nudity or awkwardness.

But you can run wild when massaging at home (you should!) – and if your massage turns into sex, high five! I hope it’s awesome and stays awesome. Great relationships share amazing sex (and massages too!)


The oil I use is here:
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Couples Massage Videos, here’s what I teach:

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My personal IG is here: – this is more experimental stuff that I test out on you to see if it’s worthwhile pushing out into Melt.


My name is Denis Merkas, I teach couples how to give a great back rub at home, via beautiful streaming video. Simple, easy techniques anyone can do. Join 45,000+ other couples from all around the world who have already learnt how to make their partner Melt.


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