Sex Therapy & Sensual Massage with Colin Richards as featured in Cosmopolitan

This is the first of a series of short videos where I interview alternative Sex therapists in Britain, with a view to bringing to the forfront the services available.

I heard about Colin through the article he did for Cosmopolitan highlighting the women who pay for his sensual massages and sex therapy, and I was fascinated, I knew I had to meet this man.

Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy intimacy and it was fascinating to hear how he facilitates this for his clients.

I found Colin warm, professional with extensive knowledge about human behaviour and psycho-sexual therapy.

It is clear that Colin is committed to his mission of teaching people how to achieve sensual intimacy, erotic fulfilment and experience better communication in their relationships and with their intimate needs and desires.

His services are available to both men, women, couples including LGBT, and he offers workshops, one to one mentoring and Skype assistance.

You can find out more about Colin here:

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