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The way I practice my methods is having “Tantra Buddies” who I can do “Skillswaps with”.

Us practitioners have spent thousands of pounds and years of studying to get our certifications and training. Too many people do these trainings only to never really use their skill sets as they don’t get clients or have anyone to practice with.

But when 2 people get together who are at the same level we can flow and experiment with new ideas. And instead of working on our traumas, we transcend beyond that to creativity, bliss, joy and play.

Healing does happen during these Skillswaps which is an added bonus but it’s not the main focus as that is our everyday job working with clients. We come together to play and develop new ideas to bring to the world. We find new treatments through play, curiosity, and experimentation as we have embodied so many years of wisdom when it comes to bodywork.

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My name is Shaft Uddin, I am a Somatic Trauma Therapist, Speaker, Coach, and Sacred Sexual Jedi. I’ve spent years learning from the best Tantric masters, teaching, researching the science of human sexuality and relationship dynamics to create the highest-level training available. I am here to show you how fundamental a healthy approach to sexuality is to live a happy healthy life. I am dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. My mantra for 2020 is // “I AM HERE TO HELP”.

The School of Self-Love is a collection of my tantric practices in simple easy to follow steps so you too can live a life of passion, purpose, and presence.
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