The Old West Brothel

Brothels in the Old West

Big thanks to Nancy Barry-Moore for helping in the outro.

Thanks to Traveling Robert for his footage of Lulu’s Bordello:

Thanks to Legends of America for the Dawson Cribs and Fannie Porter pics:

Graveyard Image by Mabel Amber:

Room interior photo courtesy of Old Homestead House:

The box seats of the Birdcage Theater: Author: Hawkeye58 GFDL
Our friends and collaborators:

Trail Dust Town:

Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros: UCz6bQYkVxevXu_YxuYu1lVQ

Harker’s Bordertown: Tucson Studios:

Legends of America:

Batjac JW:

Jedi TV:

Dustin Winegar:

Ravenna Old and New West Vestures:
Ravenna commercial:

River Junction Trading Co.:

St. Louis & Iron Mountain Railway:

Slick Sixguns channel:





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