Ukraine Is Not A Brothel trailer

Directed by Kitty Green | Australia, Ukraine, 2013

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Language: Russian, Ukrainian

“Kitty Green’s fascinating documentary offers a nuanced, thoughtful portrait of the Ukrainian feminist group Femen.” – Variety

Alongside their sisters in protest, Pussy Riot, Femen have been whipping up media and political frenzies ever since they burst, blonde and topless, onto the streets of Ukraine in 2008, fighting the image of their nation as the sex tourism and prostitution hub of Europe.

Melbourne filmmaker Green met and embedded herself into the group at a critical point in their history. She observes with insight their passion and the many paradoxes that mark a breed of activism some headlines have called “political porn”.

Structured around handsomely shot protest footage, archival material and probing interviews, Green’s assured first film is sympathetic to the women but also honest in showing their sometimes-conflicted grasp of feminist values.

“No one wants to listen to a woman, but everyone wants to look.” – Femen group

Kitty Green is a festival guest.


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